Q : How do I decide on the design of my new house ?
A: We would recommend that you seek professional advice on the design of your new house. As this is an important investment in your life & you would like a house that suits your needs, it is vital that careful consideration is given to the design & that this is not overlooked in a rush to get a roof over your head.

For your part you can consider the size of house you would like & a budget for new house. Also consider the particular rooms & spaces that you would like to have & how they interact with each other. Draw on the experiences of your present accommodation both good & bad. Imagine the things you would like to have in your new home & things you wish to improve on. Consider room sizes, shapes & connections between the required rooms & space you would like to have.

The best advice is not to over think this process, you are not expected to have the whole house planned out, rather just have an image of the general parts of your new home.

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