Q : How long does it take to get planning Permission?
A: The time to prepare the necessary drawings & documents for a planning application varies greatly depending on the project. However once your application is lodged an response from the Planning Authority is due within 8 weeks.

At his point your application could be granted or refused or more information could be requested. If your application is granted this will be a preliminary grant & a final grant will be issued a month & five days later unless the application is appealed.

Where further information is requested on an application & the requested information is returned a response will be due within 4 weeks form the date of re-submission.

It should also be noted that once planning has been granted that you must give notice of your intention to start building. It is required to give a minimum of two weeks notice of your start date but not more than 4 weeks notice. These issues should be allowed for in the time scale of your project.

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